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Tesch + Team

What we do

T + T is an innovative company. We know our business and can look back on 25 years of experience. Our strength
lies in your products the right sales channels to bring

We have a team of experienced sales representatives to the side, all with many years of experience in the field. They are so used,
that you can work in the areas where they have their long-standing contacts and experience and use information. Therefore it may be that we are the doubly occupied territories, according to the requirements of our partner.
So we can ensure the support of small retailers and support of Media Markt and Saturn.

Your brand is the focus of our activities!
We provide a concept and a strategy that successfully and sustainably establish your product in the distribution channels with you.

We also have the right sales strategy for you! - Ask us!

our strengths:

We service all Saturn and Media Markt
We service all EP, Euronics dealer and Expert
We serve more than 1000 dealer through various distribution channels
We also manage the wholesale product for the above areas
We maintain contacts with all major distributors

Our performance for you:

Our employees have direct contact on site
Coordinated rhythm visit
Customer service and retail on multiple levels
Customer service at trade fairs
Close collaboration Interior> Exterior quick implementation

We continue our teams as it is necessary for the implementation of the concept.

Our steps to success

Druckbare Version Our steps to success

Tesch + Team - Hamburg 2016